Nidia 1st Anniversary Event

It has been a year since we have met the characters of Nidia that we all grew to love! During this period, we have explored the fantastic world, enjoyed mystics and adventures, experienced a range of emotions as we met friends here.

In celebration of Nidia's 1st anniversary, we have a few special events for the following days!

【Anniversary Gift】

■ A gift for all players to thank you for your continuous support and love! It will be sent on Dec. 1.

【Anniversary Title】

■ Join the in-game event (Kagarsa - Gift Unwrapping event) will receive the Anniversary title!

Duration time: Dec. 3 00:00-Dec. 9 23:59(server time)


【FB event】

■ Tag your friends who fight with you together in the comment.

 You will have a chance to get a gift code with exclusive resources in it. 6 Gift codes available.

One Anniversary Title will be given away to the super lucky guy after the event ends!

Duration time: Dec. 1 00:00-Dec. 4 23:59(server time)